Table 1

Summary of data sources and details by model

ModelIndicator groupData sourceYearsLevel of granularity
All ModelsGlobal Fund Financial InputsGlobal Fund Internal Databases442003–2015QuarterNational
Global Fund Financial InputsGlobal Fund Progress Updates452015–2018QuarterNational
Other Donor Financial InputsDevelopment Assistance for Health Database461990–2017YearNational
DRC MalariaGovernment Financial InputsGlobal Malaria Spending Database472000–2017YearNational
Activities and OutputsNational Malaria Control Program482010–2018MonthAdmin 2
Activities and OutputsNational Health Management Information System492018–2019MonthFacility
OutcomesModel Estimates50 512010–2017Year5×5 km
Guatemala TBActivities, Outputs and Outcomes (testing and screening indicators only)Government financial information systems (SICOIN)522016–2018QuarterDepartment
Activities, Outputs and Outcomes (excluding testing and screening indicators)National TB programme532016–2018QuarterDepartment
Senegal TBActivities (excluding home visits, radio broadcasts and community referrals), Outputs and OutcomesNational TB programme542014–2018QuarterDepartment, Facility
Activities (home visits, radio broadcasts, community referrals)PLAN International552014–2018YearRegion
  • DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; TB, tuberculosis.