Table 3

Mean (SD) GHSI scores for countries receiving US GHSA investment versus GHSI scores of matched controls not receiving US GHSA investment

GHSI totalPreventionDetection and reportingRapid responseHealth systemCompliance with international normsRisk environment
US GHSA recipient countries40.6 (10.3)34.9 (13.5)46.7 (15.7)39.6 (13.2)24.2 (14.7)55.0 (9.4)44.0 (10.9)
Non-recipient countries34.6 (8.3)29.1 (10.5)36.8 (16.4)34.9 (10.1)20.4 (11.1)45.8 (8.5)42.9 (11.4)
Difference in GHSI score+6.0+5.8+9.9+4.7+3.8+9.3+1.1
P value0.00110.02520.00620.04770.11250.00010.5207
  • Countries were matched within WHO region by next closest GDP per capita, with small island nations of <1 million population excluded.

  • GDP, gross domestic product; GHSA, Global Health Security Agenda; GHSI, Global Health Security Index.;