Table 4

Expected lifetime excess costs and QALY loss of an 18-year-old Beijing male individual and an 18-year-old Beijing female individual associated with cardiovascular diseases that are attributable to PM2.5 ambient air pollution in 2015

Current PM2.5 concentration
(105 µg/m³)
PM2.5 concentration at 35 µg/m³Difference
 Expected lifetime costs associated with cardiovascular diseaseUS$1692US$1455US$237
 Expected lifetime QALYs23.4923.63−0.14
 Net monetary benefitUS$539 802US$543 316−US$3514
 Expected lifetime costs associated with cardiovascular diseaseUS$1247US$1084US$163
 Expected lifetime QALYs23.4923.61−0.12
 Net monetary benefitUS$540 259US$543 194−US$2935
  • .PM, particulate matter; QALY, quality-adjusted life-years.;