Table 3

Interventions and evidence quality by SRHR theme

SRHR themeInterventionsEvidence
Maternal health (incl. antenatal, intrapartum, postnatal)00No evidence
Reproductive health (incl. general RH services and programming, RH illnesses, urogenital disorders, menstruation)213LimitedPromising
STIs (incl. HIV/AIDS, PMTCT, testing, treatment)213LimitedLimited
CSE (incl. adolescent health, school-based, peer education, information provision)744LLLLPPP
Family planning and contraception (incl. emergency contraception, infertility)00No evidence
Abortion (incl. medical, surgical, miscarriage, complications)00No evidence
Sexual violence (incl. GBV, FGM)319LimitedLimitedPromising
Sexual health, sexuality and rights (incl. sexual dysfunction)213LimitedPromising
  • CSE, comprehensive sexuality education; FGM, female genital mutilation; GBV, gender-based violence; incl., including; L, limited; P, promising; PMTCT, prevention of mother-to-child transmission; RH, reproductive health; SRHR, sexual and reproductive health and rights; STIs, sexually transmitted infections.