Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

TopicInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Intervention/populationDescribes a specific community engagement approach or activityExclusively community health worker programmes
Structures without community members serving the same community
FocusPrevention and/or control of infectious diseases: Ebola, SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome, Zika and H1N1Not focused on prevention and/or control of infectious disease
Scope of interventionCommunity level—defined by ‘the social boundaries that define the individuals and households whose health outcomes matter as a health system goal, and also the social context for the relationships that underpin the success of many health systems interventions’.77Not community focused
TimePublished on or after 2000Published before 2000
Article typePrimary, empirical studies, of any design, programme reports and descriptions that provide learning on specific CE approachesCommentaries, abstracts; no specific community engagement approach detailed
LanguageAll languages included, searching done in English and some French termsNo exclusion criteria