Table 4

Percentage of compliant distributors (PCD) for GDP by activity

QA criterionActivityPCD (GDP level ≥2) %
General QA requirementsQA system14/64 (22)
Documentation system14/64 (22)
Computerised systemsN/A
Human resources14/63 (22)
Self inspection20/63 (32)
Quality control and receptionControl at reception17/64 (27)
Quality control2/64 (3)
Storage and handling specific productsWarehouse organisation26/64 (41)
Physical storage conditions10/64 (16)
Management of the cold chain13/39 (33)
Stock control30/59 (51)
Handling non conformity products20/63 (32)
Dispatch and transportDispatch20/63 (32)
  • GDP, Good Distribution Practices; N/A, not applicable; QA, quality assurance.