Table 1

Sample characteristics at baseline: UAS COVID-19 Study (n=4840)

Media preference
 Trust CNN more than Fox28.6
 Have equal or no preference51.6
 Trust Fox more than CNN19.8
Self-reported assess to professional sources2.6
 Local public health officials54.4
Richness of information5.7
 Non-Hispanic whites66.3
 Non-Hispanic blacks10.9
 Non-Hispanic Asians5.5
 Non-Hispanic others3.4
 Less than college35.8
 Some college27.8
Household income
 Less than US$30 00025.1
 US$30 000–US$59 99927.1
 US$60 000–US$99 99924.3
 US$100 000+23.5
Working status
 Have a job and can work from home23.2
 Have a job and cannot work from home36.5
 Have no job40.4
  • The sample characteristics of people with preventive behaviour data are presented in this table. The chacteristics of people with risky behaviour data are similar.

  • CDC, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention; HHS, Health and Human Services.