Table 1

HIV policy indicators

Indicator numberNameCoding question
Clinical/treatment: policies related to HIV treatment and clinical services
 CT1Treatment InitiationDo national guidelines on when to initiate HIV treatment align with international recommendations?
 CT2Same-day treatment startDo national HIV treatment guidelines offer the possibility to start antiretrovial therapy (ART) the same day as HIV diagnosis?
 CT3Treatment regimenDoes the first-line antiretrovial (ARV) regimen included in national HIV treatment guidelines align with international recommendations?
 CT4Differentiated service deliveryDo national HIV guidelines incorporate differentiated service delivery for stable patients?
 CT5Viral load testingDo national guidelines on frequency of viral load monitoring align with international recommendations?
 CT6Paediatric diagnosis and treatmentDo national guidelines for paediatric testing and treatment align with international recommendations?
 CT7Migrant access to healthcareDo national laws/policies allow all migrants access to HIV and primary healthcare services, regardless of their immigration status?
 CT8TB diagnosisDoes national policy include use of rapid diagnostic tests (eg, rapid molecular tests, lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan assay (LF-LAM)) as the initial diagnostic test for TB in “People Living With HIV/AIDS” (PLHIV)?
Testing/prevention: policies related to HIV testing, biomedical and sociobehavioural HIV prevention
 TP1Self-testingDoes national law/policy allow for self-testing?
 TP2Index testing w/ protectionsDo national HIV guidelines incorporate index testing/partner notification, while prioritising robust protections for patient confidentiality?
 TP3Compulsory testingDoes national law/policy prohibit compulsory HIV testing?
 TP4Age restrictions on testing and treatmentCan adolescents access HIV testing and treatment without parental consent?
 TP5PrEPDoes national policy make pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) available to eligible populations in accordance with WHO guidelines?
 TP6Harm reductionDoes national/law policy incorporate key harm reduction strategies?
 TP7Comprehensive sexuality educationDoes national policy require that comprehensive sexuality education be taught in primary and secondary schools?
 TP8Prisoners preventionAre both condoms/lubricants and needle/syringe programmes available to prisoners as a matter of policy?
Structural: policies related to structural-legal drivers of HIV
 S1Same-sex criminalisationAre consensual same-sex sexual acts decriminalised in law?
 S2Sex work criminalisationIs sex work decriminalised under national law?
 S3Drug use criminalisationIs personal drug possession/use decriminalised?
 S4HIV exposure criminalisationDoes national law avoid criminalising and prosecuting people for HIV exposure/ transmission?
 S5Non-discrimination protectionsDo national/laws policies include protections from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV status?
 S6National human rights institutionsIs there an independent national human rights institution to which violations can be reported in compliance with the Paris principles?
 S7Constitutional right to healthIs there an enforceable right to health in the national constitution?
 S8Girls educationIs there a national policy in place to encourage secondary school retention among girls?
 S9Gender-based violenceDoes the law explicitly address domestic violence with enforceable penalties?
 S10Civil societyDoes national law/policy facilitate open participation by civil society in the AIDS response?
Health systems: policies related to financing and management of the health system
 HS1Task shiftingDoes national law/policy allow for nurses or other non-physicians to initiate HIV treatment?
 HS2Health financingDoes national law/policy prioritise sustainable financing for the public health system?
 HS3Universal health coverage (UHC)Does the national universal health insurance scheme include medications for HIV treatment and PrEP?
 HS4User feesAre public healthcare services available without user fees at the point of service?
 HS5Access to medicinesDoes national law/policy take advantage of ‘TRIPS flexibilities’ for affordable medicines (ie, compulsory licensing/public non-commercial use, parallel import, and Least Developed Country transition provisions)?
 HS6Unique identifiers w/ data protectionsDoes country have unique identifiers for continuity of care across multiple facilities while protecting patients' privacy?
 HS7Data sharingIs it country policy to publicly share disaggregated HIV data on a regular basis?
  • TB, tuberculosis.