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#4Nigeria53 184
#3workforce OR Human resource for health OR health professional OR physician OR non-physician OR health service provider OR (Health personnel(mh] OR nurse(tiab] OR nurses(tiab] OR physician(tiab] OR physicians(tiab] OR health provider(tiab] OR health providers(tiab] OR health care provider(tiab] OR health care providers(tiab] OR healthcare provider(tiab] OR healthcare providers(tiab] OR health worker(tiab] OR health workers(tiab] OR midwife(tiab] OR midwives(tiab] OR health care worker(tiab] OR health care workers(tiab] OR healthcare worker(tiab] OR healthcare workers(tiab] OR community health worker(tiab] OR community health workers(tiab] OR practitioner(tiab] OR practitioners(tiab] OR clinician(tiab] OR clinicians(tiab] OR doctor(tiab] OR doctors(tiab] OR clinical officer(tiab] OR clinical officers(tiab] OR medical personnel(tiab] OR health professional(tiab] OR health professionals(tiab] OR frontline provider(tiab] OR frontline providers(tiab] OR frontline worker(tiab] OR frontline workers(tiab] OR traditional birth attend*(tiab] OR front line provider*(tiab] OR front line worker*(tiab))2 004 585
#2health governance OR health services administration OR health regulation OR health authority OR healthcare management OR health systems governance OR health leadership OR health administration OR health agencies OR clinical governance4 336 238
#1(negotiation OR rivalry OR conflict resolution OR harmony OR strikes OR health worker strikes OR health crises) OR (medical dominance OR dominance OR hierarchy OR subordination)1 387 681