Table 3

Effects of terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso on three reproductive health outcomes*

CesareansAssisted deliveriesAntenatal care visits
Terrorist attack during the month
 Zero (ref)111
 Single0.9470.819 to 1.0880.962**0.937 to 0.9870.9980.972 to 1.024
 Multiple0.8760.723 to 1.0600.904***0.861 to 0.9500.927**0.881 to 0.974
Baseline trend1.009*1.002 to 1.0171.001***1.001 to 1.0021.004***1.003 to 1.004
Quadratic term for baseline trend0.9990.999 to 1.0000.999***0.999 to 0.9990.999***0.999 to 0.999
Trend in attack phase0.982***0.975 to 0.9890.996***0.995 to 0.9970.996***0.995 to 0.997
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.

  • †Results are derived from three separate models (one per outcome) that were fitted using negative binomial regression with robust variance estimators and fixed effects at the commune level. The exposure variable is categorical and expressed by the number of attacks per month per commune (with three categories). The same set of covariates was used in each model, two of which (the month and the percentage of missing observations) are not displayed here. The number of observations for cesareans is smaller because they are only performed in reference health facilities.

  • IRR, incidence rate ratio.