Table 3

Coverage of study interventions in SR and AWW arms

InterventionSR (n=4788)AWW (n=3956)
Home visits4546 (94.9)3427 (86.6)
Deliveries at home attended by the concerned health worker959/1448 (64.4)340/1267 (26.8)
First examination of infant within 24 hours after birth (in home deliveries only)1120/1378 (81.3)701/1272 (55.1)
Postnatal home visits for newbornsn=4600n=3805
 No of high-risk visits (median)1311
 No of normal visits (median)119
Probable sepsis
 Total infants suspected462 (10.0)329 (8.6)
 Received only oral cotrimoxazole90 (19.5)175 (53.2)
 Received oral cotrimoxazole and IM gentamicin*184 (39.8)Nil
 Referred to a health facility188 (40.7)154 (46.8)
  • Data presented as n (%).

  • *IM gentamicin was administered in only SR clusters.

  • AWW, anganwadi workers; IM, intramuscular; SR, Shishu Rakshak.