Table 1

Model parameters

Maternal mortality rate per 100 000 live birth*39639639624
Neonatal mortality rate per 1000 live birth*22.0018.7025.6825
Life expectancy at birth*64.2064.2064.2026
Life expectancy at age 30–34*41.0041.0041.0026
Average age of pregnant women (years)*32.0032.0032.0026
Pregnant population in PBF provinces*79 50477 38881 61925
ANC rate, control group0.500.500.50Beta10
SBA rate, control group0.500.500.50Beta10
PNC rate, control group0.500.500.50Beta10
ANC rate, treatment group0.600.520.68Beta10
SBA rate, treatment group0.520.500.54Beta10
PNC rate, treatment group0.550.510.60Beta10
Unit cost of ANC, control group0.960.921.00GammaPrimary data
Unit cost of delivery with SBA, control group4.762.694.08GammaPrimary data
Unit cost of PNC, control group1.281.191.45GammaPrimary data
Unit cost of ANC, treatment group4.724.75.7GammaPrimary data
Unit cost of delivery with SBA, treatment group48.4848.052.5GammaPrimary data
Unit cost of PNC, treatment group5.385.15.9GammaPrimary data
Management of maternal haemorrhage cost*
Management of obstructed labour cost*69.3334.67173.33Gamma11
Treatment of maternal sepsis cost*37.4618.7393.64Gamma11
Management of hypertensive disorders Cost*57.3128.65143.28Gamma11
Management of abortion cost*45.9831.5479.42Gamma11
Safe abortion cost*31.9615.9847.94Gamma11
Management of unsafe abortion cost*60.0030.0090.00Gamma11
Management of low birth cost*8.916.408.67Gamma11
Management of sepsis cost21.3118.2022.83Gamma11
Management of birth asphyxia cost*6.347.655.57Gamma11
Haemorrhage incidence*
Hypertensive disorder incidence*
Abortion incidence*0.1050.0840.096Beta27
Unsafe abortion incidence*
Obstructed labour incidence*
Severe anaemia incidence*
Maternal sepsis incidence*
Fistula incidence*
infertility incidence*
Low birthweight incidence*
Neonatal sepsis/infection incidence*
Birth asphyxia incidence*
Obstructed labour/fistula duration* Opinion
Maternal haemorrhage/severe anaemia duration*0.500.500.50Expert opinion
Maternal sepsis/infertility duration*17.0017.0017.00Expert opinion
Low birthweight duration* opinion
Neonatal sepsis/all infection duration* opinion
Birth asphyxia duration* opinion
Maternal haemorrhage/severe anaemia disability weight*0.0930.0900.09328
Obstructed labour/fistula disability weight*0.430.430.4328
Maternal sepsis/infertility disability weight*
Low birthweight disability weight*
Neonatal sepsis/infection disability weight*0.620.620.6228
Birth asphyxia disability weight*0.370.340.3828
Quality Index Score, control group54.953.556.310
Quality Index Score, treatment group56.755.458.010
  • *The same parameter is used for both control and treatment groups.

  • ANC, antenatal care; PBF, performance-based financing; PNC, postnatal care; SBA, skilled birth attendance.