Table 3

Percentage of non-cash income among tertiary and secondary centres

VariableTertiary centres
Reference period
November–DecemberP valueJanuary–FebruaryP valueMarch–AprilP value
 Demonetisation periods34.52 (16.70)60.05 (15.46)0.0254.07 (16.53)0.0755.11 (19.41)0.08
 Control periods30.35 (15.10)30.74 (15.55)0.9731.86 (14.92)0.8630.63 (20.44)0.98
Secondary centres
 Demonetisation periods2.80 (4.14)12.31 (14.46)0.0611.34 (12.55)0.386.38 (6.02)0.98
 Control periods1.93 (3.41)1.89 (3.46)0.991.86 (3.66)0.432.00 (3.16)0.96
  • Here, non-cash transactions are represented as a percentage (S.D.) of the total transactions. As there are multiple comparisons, p<0.02 is considered as significant. Only three secondary centres had non-cash facilities. The demonetisation periods were from September 2016 to April 2017 and September–October 2016 was the pre-demonetisation reference period, November–December 2016 was the early demonetisation period, January–February 2017 was the late demonetisation period and March–April 2017 was the post-demonetisation period. The control periods were taken as corresponding months from September 2015 to April 2016.