Table 3

Birth attendant adherence to individual checklist practices, adjusted for facility-level clustering

Checklist practice observedAdherence
n (%)
On admission n=2731
 Birth companion present2725 (99.78)
 Maternal blood pressure taken832 (30.47)
 Maternal temperature taken661 (24.20)
 Partograph started14 (0.51)
Just before pushing n=2866
 Proper hand hygiene*428 (14.93)
 Oxytocin not administered1266 (44.17)
 Clean towel prepared1515 (52.86)
 Scissors/blade prepared2382 (83.11)
 Cord tie prepared2853 (99.55)
 Mucus extractor prepared2736 (95.46)
 Neonatal bag prepared2744 (95.74)
 Pads prepared2111 (73.66)
Within 1 min of delivery n=2865
 Oxytocin administered1435 (50.09)
 Birth companion present2858 (99.76)
Within 1 hour of delivery n=2781
 Baby weight taken2421 (87.06)
 Baby temperature taken499 (17.94)
 Skin-to-skin warming initiated1166 (41.93)
 Skin-to-skin warming maintained for 1 hour220 (7.91)
 Breastfeeding initiated911 (32.76)
Anytime n=3274
 Referred to another facility
  No3209 (98.01)
  Yes, before delivery35 (1.07)
  Yes, after delivery (mother)1 (0.03)
  Yes, baby29 (0.89)
 Maternal temperature taken929 (28.38)
 Maternal blood pressure taken1195 (36.50)
 Magnesium sulfate given7 (0.21)
  • *Proper hand hygiene defined as the birth attendant using gloves, soap and water OR gloves and alcohol rub.