Table 1

Definitions of measured practices by set and bundle and outcome comparison

Patient population‘Full’ set‘Narrow’ set
All labouring women with a liveborn neonateAll labouring women
Outcome assessedEarly neonatal mortality
(stillbirth excluded)
(i) Perinatal mortality
(stillbirth included)
(ii) Stillbirth alone
 Direct careIncludedSupply
 Direct care
Partograph startedXXXX
No oxytocin administered prior to deliveryXX
Oxytocin administered to motherXX
Maternal temperature takenXXXX
Maternal blood pressure takenXXXX
Newborn weight takenXX
Newborn temperature takenXX
Skin-to-skin initiated at birthXX
Skin-to-skin maintained for 1 hourXX
Initiation of breastfeeding within 1 hourXX
Clean scissors/blade preparedXXXX
Cord tie preparedXXXX
Mucous extractor preparedXXXX
Neonatal bag and mask preparedXXXX
Pads preparedXXXX
Clean towel preparedXXXX
Proper hand hygiene*XXXX
Birth companion present at admissionXX
Birth companion present during pushingXX
Total number of practices186101365
  • *Proper hand hygiene defined as the birth attendant using gloves, soap and water OR gloves and alcohol rub.