Table 2

Annual cost per patient with controlled hypertension (blood pressure brought below defined threshold) (2017 US$)

Country income groupCountryAuthorIntervention typeSample sizeStudy designProviderIntervention detailsCost elementsIntervention subgroupCost (2017 US$)
Upper middleMalaysiaAlefanPharm only600ObservationalDoctors, nurses, pharmacistsComparing different antihypertensive drug classes and combinations: Diuretics, BB, ACEIs, CCBs, prazosin, diuretics and ACEIs and other combinationsDrugs, laboratories, labour, and travel/transportation/per diem.Diuretics626.78
Beta blockers840.89
ACE Inhibitors977.54
Diuretics and beta blockers1172.96
Calcium channel blockers1446.8
Other combinations2509.7
Upper middleThailandPannarunothaaiPharm only81Cross-sectionalNot specifiedAll cases of diabetes and hypertension that registered and made use of the urban health centre from 1994 to 1996 were included in group 1. All diabetic and hypertension patients who resided in the catchment area of the hospital, and visited the regional hospital from 1994 to 1996, were included in group 2. Group 3 included patients identified by the accidental sampling of diabetic and hypertension patients attending the regional hospital in 1997.Drugs, cost of medical visit or screening - not further disaggregated, and travel/transportation/per diem.Group 1183.97
Group 2229.18
Group 3231.05
  • ACEIs, ACE inhibitors; BB, beta blockers; CCBs, calcium channel blockers; US$, US dollars.