Table 1

Key PHC indicators in Anambra state (in 2013) compared to national average*

Primary healthcare indicatorsAnambra stateNational
Population density (people per km2)992442
Number of doctors per 1000 population0.020.382
Number of nurse/midwives per 1000 population0.51.026
Number of CHEWs per 1000 population0.020.137
Women who received Antenatal care from skilled provider (%)8461
Proportion of births delivered in a health facility (%)84.636
Proportion of births assisted by skilled personnel (%)87.638
Women who attended postnatal care within 2 days of birth (%)5640
Infant mortality rate per 1000 live births8272
Maternal mortality ratio per 100 000 live births1098576
  • *Sources: Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey 2013,22 WHO health workforce statistics,23 Uzochulwu 2013.24

  • CHEW, community health extension worker; PHC, primary healthcare.