Table 2

Univariable and multivariable analysis of predictors of in-hospital delivery among Haitian women with at least one antenatal visit (n=1105, unless specified otherwise)

Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Communal section
 Crete BruleeReferenceReference
 Grand Boucan0.840.61 to to 1.210.40
 Gascogne0.450.26 to 0.770.0030.450.26 to 0.790.005
 Sarazin0.760.54 to to 1.150.25
Age category (years)
 <201.140.76 to 1.720.54
 >341.120.85 to 1.700.30
Distance between home and HUM >10 km0.530.32 to 0.860.01
First pregnancy1.290.99 to 1.670.061.341.02 to 1.760.04
Prior abortion (one or more)1.990.95 to to 4.270.07
Prior miscarriage (one or more)0.950.60 to 1.510.83
Prior stillbirth (one or more)0.880.58 to 1.350.56
Likelihood of poverty* (n=766)0.910.86 to 0.960.0010.930.88 to 0.990.01
Poverty score missing indicator1.180.81 to 1.720.391.310.89 to 1.920.17
Severe hunger in household0.710.54 to 0.910.0080.730.56 to 0.960.02
  • *Per 10% increase.

  • HUM, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais.