Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of Haitian women who resided in the Mirebalais commune (n=1105, unless specified otherwise)

Total population (n=1105)Delivered at HUM (n=773)Did not deliver at HUM (n=332)
Communal section
 Crete Brulee31729235308225
 Grand Boucan389352753611434
Age category (years)
Distance between home and HUM (km), mean (SD)
First pregnancy382352813610130
Prior abortion (one or more)48439593
Prior miscarriage (one or more)878628258
Prior stillbirths (one or more)107107293511
Living children
 2 or more108107293611
Prior livebirths
 2 or more1261181104514
Likelihood of poverty, mean (SD) (n=766)362733264127
Household hunger scale
 No hunger in household377342743510331
 Moderate hunger in household32429237318726
 Severe hunger in household404372623414243
  • HUM, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais.