Table 1

Descriptive statistics of key variables used in the analysis

VariableMean or %No of observationsSDMin.Max.
No of living donors per million population*, mean7.5614538.46064
No of deceased donors per million population*, mean8.2114518.99044
Presence of reimbursement programmes, %10%297529%10%29%
Population growth rate, mean1.5229701.55-316
Population size (per million), mean37.582903137.2701394
GDP growth rate4.0429406.06−62179
GDP per capita (thousand)12.93292118.260.19111.97
Health expenditure/GDP, mean6.2237122.77127
Health expenditure per capita, mean813.1437241482.20310 005
Share (%) of out of pocket health expenditure, mean35.18370619.00097
Social globalisation, mean56.64284618.951191
Financial globalisation, mean61.47277819.3415100
Political globalisation, mean63.43284622.006100
Poverty head count ratio at US$3.2 a day, mean29.51185929.90099
  • *The numerator (the number of donors) reflects the interpolated values.