Table 2

Grandmother caregiving at 3 and 12 months post partum, Bachpan Cohort, Pakistan

3 months12 months
Grandmother involvement score
 Non-involved (0)24130.2432742.07
 Low (1–5)36447.3022628.12
 High (6+)16722.4621929.81
Instrumental care
 Feeding meals293.998511.51
 Providing snacks to the child577.7319826.04
 Changing diapers/clothes, washing/cleaning11114.7811915.81
 Giving a bath20027.439313.24
Non-instrumental care
 Playing or interacting with child32742.8832342.52
 Who does the child like to be held by the most?10714.1117823.70
 Soothing child when restless/crying14018.3019426.42
Other support (care for the child)
 When mother is occupied with other tasks/chores44358.2937549.34
 When mother is unwell37949.9236147.12
 When mother is working36448.0436246.86
  • Calculations were based on the total sample of participants present at either 12 months or 24 months (n=772). Percentages were based on weighted data to account for both the sampling design in which one in every three non-depressed pregnant women was eligible for study inclusion and the inverse probability of missingness.