Table 2

Average tuition fees for Master’s Degree in Global or International Health, by subgroup (USUS$)

Average Tuition fees by subgroup (US$)
N (%)MeanMinimumMaximum
Student statusDomestic tuitionUS$33 603US$0US$126 334
International tuitionUS$41 790US$0US$126 334
Country incomeHigh-income country39 (95.1)US$37 732US$0US$126 334
Low-income and middle-income country2 (4.9)US$37 000US$20 000US$54 000
Online optionYes5 (12.2)US$19 353US$7143US$39 612
No36 (87.8)US$40 244US$0US$126 334
Duration of courseShort (≤1 year)19 (46.3)US$24 549US$0US$57 256
Long (>1 year)22 (53.6)US$49 052US$4598US$126 334
Type of schoolPrivate15 (36.5)US$69 446US$20 000US$126 334
Public26 (63.4)US$19 379US$0US$49 140