Table 1

Characteristics of Master’s of Global or International Health Programmes by WHO region

RegionUniversityCountryDegree programmeDistance programme?Type of institutionTypical duration of programmePostadjustment multiplierTuition for domestic studentsTuition for international studentsAverage tuition
AfricaUniversity of Global Health EquityRwandaMSc global health deliveryNoPrivate1.025.4US$54 000US$54 000US$54 000
EuropeImperial College LondonUKGlobal MPHYesPublic2.064.1US$15 484US$25 935US$20 710
ITMBelgiumMSc tropical medicineNoPublic1.037.8US$6000US$18 132US$12 066
Karolinska InstitutSwedenMSc global healthNoPublic1.039.3US$0US$18 672US$9336
King's College LondonUKMSc global healthNoPublic1.064.1US$16 452US$34 258US$25 355
London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineUKMSc trop med int healthNoPublic1.064.1US$13 510US$31 226US$22 368
Liverpool School of Tropical MedicineUKMSc Global HealthNoPublic2.064.1US$15 484US$15 484US$15 484
Maastricht UniversityNetherlandsMSc Global HealthNoPublic1.039.9US$2355US$20 817US$11 586
Manchester UniversityUKMSc Global HealthYesPublic3.064.1US$8129US$8129US$8129
University of OxfordUKMSc global health sciNoPublic1.064.1US$14 039US$43 387US$28 713
Southampton UniversityUKMSc Global HealthNoPublic1.064.1US$11 936US$24 274US$18 105
University College LondonUKMSc global health & devNoPublic1.064.1US$13 871US$27 110US$20 490
Univ CopenhagenDenmarkMSc global healthNoPublic2.058.1US$0US$9195US$4598
University of MilanItalyMS global healthYesPublic1.029.7US$7143US$7143US$7143
University of BarcelonaSpainMaster of global healthNoPublic1.027.6US$11 538US$11 538US$11 538
University of BergenNorwayMaster's Programme in Global HealthNoPublic1.041.9US$0US$0US$0
University of EdinburghUKMSc in Global Health and Infectious DiseasesYesPublic3.064.1US$21 174US$21 174US$21 174
University of GlasgowUKMSc Global HealthNoPublic1.064.1US$10 968US$23 703US$17 335
Upsalla UniversitySwedenMaster of Medical Science with Global HealthNoPublic2.039.3US$0US$30 083US$15 041
Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamNetherlandsMSC. GLOBAL HEALTHNoPublic1.039.9US$2355US$16 111US$9233
North AmericaBrown UniversityUSAMSc global public healthNoPrivate2.050.4US$85 668US$85 668US$85 668
Duke UniversityUSAMS global healthNoPrivate2.050.4US$126 334US$126 334US$126 334
George Washington UniversityUSAMPH in Global HealthNoPrivate2.050.4US$89 800US$89 800US$89 800
Georgetown UniversityUSAMS global healthNoPrivate1.550.4US$70 848US$70 848US$70 848
Harvard UniversityUSAMSc global health deliveryNoPrivate2.050.4US$84 050US$84 050US$84 050
Johns Hopkins UniversityUSAMaster’s of Science in Public Health, International HealthNoPrivate2.050.4US$111 552US$111 552US$111 552
Loma Linda UniversityUSAMPH in Global HealthNoPrivate2.050.4US$55 951US$55 951US$55 951
McMaster UniversityCanadaMSc Global HealthNoPublic1.551.2US$8779US$28 729US$18 754
Northwestern UniversityUSAMS global healthYesPrivate1.050.4US$39 612US$39 612US$39 612
Ohio UniversityUSAMaster in Global HealthNoPublic2.050.4US$23 484US$24 206US$23 845
Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUSAMPH in Global Public HealthNoPublic2.050.4US$39 060US$58 545US$48 803
St. Catherine UniversityUSAMPH in Global HealthNoPrivate2.050.4US$35 860US$35 860US$35 860
Tufts UniversityUSAMS in Infectious Diseases and Global Health - Cummings School of Veterinary MedicineNoPrivate2.050.4US$82 020US$82 020US$82 020
University of California, San FranciscoUSAMS in Global HealthNoPublic1.050.4US$49 140US$49 140US$49 140
University of MiamiUSAMaster of Arts in in Global Health and SocietyNoPrivate2.050.4US$75 600US$75 600US$75 600
University of Notre DameUSAUniversity of Notre Dame MS in Global HealthNoPrivate1.050.4US$53 146US$53 146US$53 146
University of Southern CaliforniaUSAMS global medicineNoPrivate1.050.4US$57 256US$57 256US$57 256
South-East AsiaBRAC UniversityBangladeshTransformative Public Health Learning for the Developing WorldNoPrivate1.033.2US$20 000US$20 000US$20 000
National Taiwan UniversityChinese TaipeiMaster of Global HealthNoPublic2.055.9US$15 000US$15 000US$15 000
Western PacificMelbourne UniversityAustraliaMPhil Pop and global healthNoPublic2.030.4US$0US$61 325US$30 662
University of SydneyAustraliaMaster of Global HealthNoPublic1.530.4US$30 119US$48 387US$39 253
  • *Tuition is listed in USD and represents the approximate cost for the entire degree programme for the typical student.

  • MPH, Master’s of Public Health.