Table 2

Receipt of in-hospital postnatal education and topics taught

N=13 730
n (%)
Received in-hospital postnatal education about newborn care*
 Yes6120 (44.6)
 No7610 (55.4)
Type of in-hospital postnatal education received*
 Predischarge group education2446 (17.8)
 Predischarge bedside education3042 (22.2)
 Discharge education1168 (8.5)
 Other education56 (0.4)
Topics taught (based on recall) *
 Exclusive breast feeding3592 (26.2)
 How to keep the baby clean1312 (9.6)
 Keeping the baby warm780 (5.7)
 Handwashing484 (3.5)
 Warning signs of newborn illness442 (3.2)
 Skin-to-skin care258 (1.9)
 Not applying anything on umbilical cord42 (0.3)
 Other818 (6.0)
 Do not know424 (3.1)
Received postdischarge health messages or videos on smartphone217 (1.6)
  • *Among all respondents. Respondents could report multiple types of postdelivery education received and multiple topics taught, with some overlap expected in similar topics (ie, keeping the baby warm, skin-to-skin care).