Table 5

Measures recommended by the WHO for preventing transmission and slowing down the COVID-19 epidemic, 2020

Implementation levelIntervention
  • Hand hygiene: handwashing or use of hydroalcoholic solution.

  • Physical distancing.

  • Respiratory etiquette.

  • Masks for infected and symptomatic individuals.

  • Mass masking with surgical and/or homemade masks by everyone in public spaces.

  • Avoid crowding and mass gatherings.

Public authorities
  • Tracing, testing and isolating cases and providing them with appropriate care.

  • Tracking, quarantining and monitoring of asymptomatic contacts.

  • Protecting health workers and vulnerable groups.

  • Environmental cleaning and sanitising.

  • Closures of schools, places of worship, sporting events, non-essential shops.

  • Workplace closures and other measures: work from home where possible and/or reduction in workforce capacity.

  • Public transportation closures.

  • Stay-at-home orders.

  • Limiting national and international travel.

  • Maintaining essential health services.

  • Ensuring continuity of essential social and economic functions and services.