Table 1

Characteristics of included publications (n=110) and included interventions (n=331)

Study and population characteristics
Geographic region*n
 East Asia and the Pacific10
 Europe and Central Asia2
 Latin America and the Caribbean5
 Middle East and North Africa12
 South Asia9
 Sub-Saharan Africa83
Publication typen
 Non-research report54
 Mixed methods4
 Observational study42
 Qualitative study7
 Quasiexperimental study1
 Randomised controlled trial2
Displacement status of beneficiary population*n
 Returning refugees3
Setting of displaced populationsn
Intervention delivery characteristics
Target population type*n
 All/general population65
 Women of reproductive age176
 Adolescents (10–19 years)16
Implementation platform*n
 Existing health system110
 Faith-based system9
 Informal governance9
 NGO/UN agencies304
  • *Publications can be included in more than one category.

  • †Only reflects publications that reported on displaced populations (refugees, IDPS or returning refugees).

  • IDP, internally displaced person; NGO, non-governmental organisation.