Table 3

Number of induced abortions and abortion rate; per cent of induced abortions that have complications treated in a health facility; treatment rate; per cent of MA abortions treated for complications in facilities; and per cent distribution of all abortions by source, by state, 2015

IndicatorAssamBiharGujaratMadhya PradeshTamil NaduUttar Pradesh
No and rate per 1000 women aged 15-49
 Total no of induced abortions580 0541 250 958811 8351 109 951707 9383 151 589
 Induced abortion rate66.249.447.657.332.861.1
Abortion treatment
 Per cent of all induced abortions that were treated for complications in facilities8.823.98.245.820.134.9
 Treatment rate per 1000 women 15-49 for complications of induced abortion5.811.83.926.26.621.3
Medication abortion treatment
 Of all women who had a medication abortion, % who are treated in facilities for incomplete abortion due to use of MA9.717.77.429.611.226.2
Per cent distribution of all abortions by source
 % of abortions occurring in health facilities21.115.51525.532.311.4
 % of abortions occurring as MA outside of facilities73.879.379.869.462.683.4
 % of abortions that are ‘other’ (non-facility/non-MA)
  • MA, medication abortion.