Table 3

Triangulation matrix of quantitative and qualitative results

OutcomeQuantitative resultsQualitative resultsConvergenceDivergenceN/A
Safety preparedness
  • Interaction effect favouring intervention arm

Decisional conflict
  • Interaction effects null for summary measure; decrease in both arms

  • Interaction effect favouring intervention arm for uninformed element of decisional conflict

  • Gained important knowledge about available services

Safety strategies
  • Interaction effect favouring intervention; increase in helpfulness of safety strategies

  • Intentional use of de-escalation tactics and temporary leaving strategies

  • Appreciated safety strategies tailored to personal situation

  • Described that the most helpful strategies related to safety and well-being of children

  • Financial independence strategies helped reduce monetary arguments and increase provision of basic needs

  • Interaction effect null; decrease in both arms

  • Described how the app helped mitigate abuse

  • Interaction effect: non-significant trend favouring intervention

  • Described relief from isolation and stress

IPV-related services
  • Interaction effect null

  • Gained important knowledge about available services

  • Felt that IPV-related referrals were relevant

  • Gained confidence in discussing violence to obtain support

  • Questioned the value of law enforcement in the IPV response

  • Boldface represents quantitative results significant at p<0.05.

  • IPV, intimate partner violence; N/A, not applicable.