Table 2

Global best practices in SLT control

CountriesTobacco control policiesWHO FCTC Article
Australia, Bhutan, Singapore and Sri LankaBan on manufacture sale and import of SLT products60Beyond WHO FCTC
Australia, France, the UK, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Hungary, Thailand, Uruguay, Slovenia and SingaporePlain packaging of tobacco products2Article 11
Nepal, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, UAE and IndiaBan on use and spitting of SLT products in public places61Article 8
Guam, Honduras, Kuwait, Samoa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UgandaThe minimum legal age of tobacco sale is 21 years48Article 16 and beyond
Malaysia, South Africa, Algeria and SwedenNicotine replacement therapy in essential medicine list2Article 14
  • FCTC, Framework Convention for Tobacco Control; SLT, smokeless tobacco.