Table 1

How selection of values for each categorical variables and subvariables was executed using text number [] from the HKAP with evidence from the text

Variables and subvariables:Prompting questionSelected value (ID)Evidence from text [1.] to []
Sector and
Which sector (or area of interest) is the policy aimed at? If stated, is there a specific area within that sector that it defines?Human—Healthcare Delivery (0102)‘HA’. Stands for ‘Hospital Authority’, a statutory body managing all government hospitals and institutes in Hong Kong.
Animal— Agriculture (2010)‘food animals’
Food— unspecified (0500)‘food’
One Health—Specified Sectors (0601)‘surveillance system under One Health for Hong Kong’, ‘One Health surveillance’. Sectors are specified as shown in the above values.
Target groupIs there a specific stakeholder or group being targeted?Unspecified (00)No evidence for specific groups such as doctors, dentists, farmers, etc.
Target settingIs there a specific setting that is being identified in the policy statement?Unspecified (00)No evidence for specific setting such as hospitals, farms, food processing plants. Though the policy statement specifies ‘HA’ and ‘Public Health Laboratory’ it does not state whether the policy is specifically aimed at public hospitals, outpatient clinics, dental clinics, or, for all these settings.
Challenge and
Does the policy try to overcome a certain challenge presented by AMR? If stated, is there a specific subchallenge targeted?Surveillance— Epidemiology/ Resistance (0601)’development of surveillance on AMR’
Surveillance—Use (0603)‘development of surveillance on(…)antimicrobial use’
Policy processAt what stage is this formulated policy at?Initiation (2)‘Set up’, ‘Establish’, ‘Form a network’
Policy instrument and subinstrumentWhat are the tools used to pursue the desired outcome, if any?Unspecified—Unspecified— Unspecified (000)No evidence for any policy mention used. This policy is to set up a system rather than to change behaviour.
Building blockWhich component of the system is the policy utilising or aiming to improve?Governance (04)‘coordination structure’, ‘working group’, ‘steer and oversee’
Information System (06)‘Form a network to gather, analyse, share and link data from multiple surveillance and monitoring system’
  • The resulting list of codes can be seen in figure 2B.

  • AMR, antimicrobial resistance; ID, identification number.