Table 1

Application of a CRA framework to COVID-19 stressors among migrant workers

StepsSimplifying questions
1Importance of problem Why does the COVID-19 outbreak among migrant workers matter and who should care?
2Populations of interest Which migrant workers are disproportionately affected by COVID-19?
3Potential stressors/hazards What are the identifiable stressors associated with COVID-19 infection or risk of infection and in what domains?
4Exposure patterns How do these stressors from step 3 contribute to the overall health of migrant workers?
5CRA considerations How do these stressors interact and overlap across all four domains for migrant workers?
6Potential interventions What risk management approaches, exposure reduction strategies and OSH prevention measures can be applied to migrant workers affected by COVID-19?
  • CRA, cumulative risk assessment; OSH, occupational safety and health.