Table 3

Tuberculosis estimates for risk groups per 100 000, NNS, contribution to tuberculosis epidemic and PAF

Risk groupKey populationTuberculosis prevalenceRelative riskNNSTuberculosis incidenceEstimated cases reported in 2016PAFStudies reviewed (n)
People with increased risk of tuberculosis bacilli infection due to occupational or community exposureHealthcare workers14001.971147033973%7
Mineworkers13003.877300015 30017%5
Informal settlements31505.8324500148 50043%5
Household tuberculosis contacts40001.725130020 4681.7%5
People with limited access to tuberculosis servicesChildren under 5 years6640.515138622 0026
Migrants and refugees36 0004.23330048 11421%1
Women2300.343523063 5631
People at increased risk of tuberculosis due to biological or behavioural factors that compromise immune functionHIV-infected30005.4334200231 42037%5
Diabetics12401.681124028 5201.5%1
Pregnant women20001.450108012 9600.8%5
Smokers8711.311587183 6160.2%1
Chronic alcohol users949131.410594978 7670.4%1
  • NNS, number needed to screen; PAF, population attributable fraction.