Table 3

Risk factors at antenatal evaluation for preterm birth among pregnant women who presented to Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) for antenatal care and returned for facility delivery (n=972)

OR95% CIP valueAOR95% CIP value
Age (years)
 <201.811.18 to 2.760.00611.761.14 to 2.720.01
 >341.451.01 to 2.090.0461.461.01 to 2.110.044
Distance from town to hospital (km)0.990.97 to 1.010.23
Probability of poverty*1.030.98 to to 1.060.88
Pesticide use in the past year1.480.98 to to 2.110.12
Alcohol use1.070.57 to 2.020.83
Twin pregnancy1.800.63 to 5.110.27
First pregnancy1.050.82 to 1.340.72
No. of prior live births1.020.93 to 1.130.64
No. of prior stillbirths1.010.70 to 1.450.97
No. of prior miscarriages0.850.55 to 1.320.47
No. of prior abortions0.810.41 to 1.610.54
Food Consumption Score
 Borderline1.150.73 to 1.810.54
 Poor1.170.53 to 2.590.70
Household Hunger Scale
 No hungerRefRef
 Moderate1.330.92 to 1.900.131.270.88 to 1.830.21
 Severe1.661.18 to 2.340.00381.571.09 to 2.260.02
  • *Per 0.1 increase in probability of household consumption less than one dollar per day.

  • HUM, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais; km, kilometre.