Table 1

A comparison of designated hospitals, newly built temporary hospitals and Fangcang shelter hospitals

Type of hospitalDesignated hospitalsNewly built temporary hospitalsFangcang shelter hospitals
ApproachesDesignate several hospitals as the designated hospitals to admit patients.Build a temporary hospital that meets the standards of respiratory infectious disease hospitals to admit patients.Requisition of public venues, such as stadiums and civil buildings, to convert into healthcare facilities to admit patients.
Date of opening22 January 202023 January 20205 February 2020
Capacity (beds)23 532260016 000
AdvantageEquipped with the necessary medical equipment which enabled patients to be treated immediately. It is beneficial as it provides sufficient care to patients with severe or critical COVID-19.The newly built hospitals are in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control standards.Rapid construction in a short period of time, low cost and massive scale.
DisadvantageIncrease the risk of nosocomial infection, and it is difficult to provide different levels of care.Time-consuming and costly construction, limited hospital beds.Public venues do not meet the requirements of hospitals and comfortable living conditions in general.
ApplicabilityEpidemic under control.The number of patients has reached or may exceed the capacity of the local healthcare system.The epidemic is developing rapidly, and the markedly increased volume of patients exceeds the capacity of the local healthcare system.