Table 2

Main characteristics of 16 Fangcang shelter hospitals in Wuhan, China

NameDistrictOriginal functionArea (10 000 m2)Distance between the hospital and nearest neighbourhood (m)Whether with a squareWhether along the main roadNearest designated hospital and distance (km)
Jianghan Fangcang Shelter HospitalJianghan DistrictWuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center12.70162YesYesWuhan Fourth Hospital (1.6)
Wuchang Fangcang Shelter HospitalWuchang DistrictHongshan Stadium2.00363YesYesWuhan Seventh Hospital (0.5)
Wuhan Living Room Fangcang Shelter HospitalDongxihu DistrictWuhan Living Room12.50959YesYesWuhan Jinyintan Hospital (0.8)
Wuhan National Fitness Center Fangcang Shelter HospitalJiang’an DistrictWuhan National Fitness Center6.45473YesYesWuhan Central Hospital (2.3)
Changjiang New Town Fangcang Shelter HospitalJiang’an DistrictHongqiao Industrial Park2.75570YesYesWuhan Jinyintan Hospital (2.2)
Wuhan Stadium Fangcang Shelter HospitalQiaokou DistrictWuhan Stadium1.45133YesYesWuhan Fourth Hospital (1.3)
Hanyang Fangcang Shelter HospitalHanyang DistrictWuhan International Expo Center18.00883YesYesWuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (2.9)
Wuhan Sports Center Stadium Fangcang Shelter HospitalCaidian DistrictWuhan Sports Center Stadium5.07632YesYesWest Hospital of Union Hospital, TJMU (1.0)
Shipailing Fangcang Shelter HospitalHongshan DistrictShipailing Senior Vocational High School4.60149YesNoTianyou Hospital (1.5)
Optics Valley Fangcang Shelter HospitalHongshan DistrictOptics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center1.00742YesYesTongji Hospital (4.4)
Optics Valley Sunsea Fangcang Shelter HospitalHongshan DistrictWuhan Meilian Group’s former Rihai Industrial Park plant5.40319YesYesEast Hospital of People’s Hospital of Wuhan University (5.3)
Dahuashan Fangcang Shelter HospitalJiangxia DistrictDahuashan Outdoor Sports Center7.95577YesYesThe First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District (3.1)
Huangpi Stadium Fangcang Shelter HospitalHuangpi DistrictHuangpi Stadium0.74550YesYesHuangpi District People’s Hospital (2.1)
Qingshan Fangcang Shelter HospitalQingshan DistrictWISCO Sports Center0.20378YesYesWuhan Ninth Hospital (1.5)
Caidian Fangcang Shelter HospitalCaidian DistrictYangtze River Media Zhiyin Practice Training Base1.79211YesYesCaidian District People’s Hospital of Wuhan (6.8)
Dunkou Stadium Fangcang Shelter HospitalHannan DistrictKirin Logistics Plant0.63635YesNoWest Hospital of Union Hospital, TJMU (4.6)
  • TJMU, Tongji Medical University; WISCO, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation.