Table 1

Elements of CARTA, its purpose, if it was included in in-kind estimation or not and reasons for exclusion

Programme componentPurposeNature of contributionCosts included in analysisReason if excluded
Four-month-long, face-to-face Joint Advanced Seminars (JAS)* bringing all fellows in a cohort together for interdisciplinary training with an international teaching facultyFormal structured interdisciplinary training for PhD fellows to supplement individual university-based discipline-specific learningLabour time for facilitatorsYes
Teaching venues, internet connectivity, accommodationYes, estimate extrapolated from comparison events held in commercial venue
Library access, access to other academic programmes and university-based activities and infrastructureNoData not available
Partners Forum (PAF)—2 days of face-to-face meetings to review CARTA activities, strategy and performanceManagement of the programme, ensures transparency and collective decision-makingLabour time of partnersYes
Venue and physical infrastructureNoNo comparator to extrapolate costs from
Board of Management meetingDecision-making and programme oversightLabour time of board membersYes
Venue and physical infrastructureNoNo comparator to extrapolate costs from
Focal persons’ activitiesCoordination of all university-based CARTA activities including: peer review of PhD applications, supporting PhD fellows, communication about CARTA to wider institution and M&E reportingLabour time of focal persons (a reasonable estimate of this was made as actual time across all institutions was not always collected and varied by institution so an average was assigned to each institution)Yes
Infrastructure costsNoData not available
Supervisors’ workshop*Enrich supervision, provide protected time for supervisor and PhD fellow during JAS 2Labour time at workshop for supervisors and facilitatorsYes
Venue and physical infrastructureNoNo comparator to extrapolate costs from
Faculty and Staff Annual Seminar (FAS)*Build skills and knowledge about roles and activities to support research in higher education institutionsLabour time at workshop for participants and facilitatorsYes
Venue and physical infrastructureNoNo comparator to extrapolate costs from
CARTA curriculum planning meetingsDevelop and review PhD curriculum for each JAS and other workshops and trainingsLabour time, venue and infrastructureNoVaries as the programme matures; very time intensive during start-up and did not want to skew results
CARTA vice-chancellor’s meetingEnsure CARTA is relevant, promote institutionalisationLabour time and venueNoDoes not occur annually so would skew annual estimate
Fee waiver for staff doing PhDs at own institutionStatement of commitment of university to own staff developmentCost of feesNoVaries year on year from institution to institution over the programme period
Additional time contributed by codirectorsRequired to ensure programme leadership and qualityLabour time attributable at full professor levelNoNot collected so difficult to verify or reproduce results
  • *No preparation time or travel time included in the analyses, varies too much by individual participants.

  • CARTA, Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa; M&E, monitoring and evaluation.