Table 2

In-kind labour time contributed for each CARTA event

CARTA event/meetingInstitution classificationSalary classificationTotal hours by event
APHRCInternationalAfricanProfessorAssociate professorSenior lecturerLecturer
JAS 1933881323051309286613
JAS 2161763722524421256564
JAS 3561927684162162801041016
JAS 49057256184165486403
Supervisor training32329661583605121030
Faculty and staff training36962508*1081923006722640
Partners Forum328023216013648344
Board of Management meeting2432646456120
Focal persons’ activities5496444256338594
  • *Faculty and Staff Annual Seminar (FAS) also had in-kind contribution of 1368 hours of support staff time which is included in the institutional classification but not depicted in salary classification section of the table. The total hours for FAS of 2640 and is correct.

  • APHRC, African Population and Health Research Center; CARTA, Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa; JAS, Joint Advanced Seminar.