Table 2

Endline data availability and patient sample sizes by HealthRise site and for intervention and comparison patients

Data collectionBrazilIndiaSouth africaMinnesota, United States
Teófilo otoniVitória da conquistaShimlaPixley ka semeuMgungundlovuHennepin countyRamsey countyRice county
HealthRise (intervention)
QuantitativeBaseline, endlineBaseline, endlineEndlineEndlineEndlineBaseline, endlineBaseline, endlineBaseline, endline
Total patients (interviewed or enrolled)*42102610277628812178217
 Health facilities for patient interviews1877
Total patients enrolled at endline10453217
 Patients with hypertension399224432244574822172
 Patients with hypertension and biometric data116910952223867772171
 Patients with diabetes1028105211038427646120
 Patients with diabetes and biometric data176681103738604192
Total interviews and focus groups221519510596
 Patient focus groups5454
 Community health workers (CHWs) and frontline health workers†10733232
 Facility-based or clinic-based providers332132
 Facility or clinic managers and administrators53421232
QuantitativeEndlineEndlineEndlineBaseline, endlineBaseline, endlineBaseline, endline
Total patients (interviewed or enrolled)*230123149
 Health facilities for patient interviews –121214
Total patients enrolled at endline10799311
 Patients with hypertension1651071258458178
 Patients with hypertension and biometric data160911228458172
 Patients with diabetes10962762877303
 Patients with diabetes and biometric data10962731371296
Total interviews and focus groups12813711
 Patient focus groups3242
 CHWs and frontline health workers†6436
 Facility-based or clinic-based providers33
 Facility or clinic managers and administrators32343
  • Total patients for Shimla, India and South Africa reflect patients surveyed at facilities as part of the endline evaluation, and not those formally enrolled in HealthRise. Patients with hypertension or diabetes and biometric data for Brazil and US sites are prevalent cases of hypertension or diabetes and had at least two biometric measure.

  • *For Shimla and South Africa sites, total patients are those surveyed at facilities as part of endline evaluation data collection, not those enrolled in HealthRise.

  • †For Shimla, household-based health workers (eg, ASHAs and outreach workers) were included in the CHW and front-line healthworker category.

  • ‡For Shimla, other included HealthRise master trainers and a HealthRise grantee official from MAMTA.

  • ASHAs, accredited social health activists.