Table 1

Parameter values for transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in the World Health Organization African region

ParameterProbability descriptionValueBest caseWorst case
P1 Risk of exposure (S1 to S2)Country specific10% lower10% higher
P2 Attack rate (S2 to S3)0.0650.030.10
P3 Asymptomatic infection (S3 to S4)0.80.880.72
P4 Mild infection (S3 to S5)0.080.0880.072
P5 Moderate infection (S3 to S6)0.080.0880.072
P6 Severe infection (S3 to S7)0.030.0270.033
P7 Critical infection (S3 to S8)0.010.0090.011
P8 Recovery from severe state (S7 to S10)0.50.450.55
P9 Recovery from critical state (S8 to S10)0.120.1080.132
P10 Death from severe state (S7 to S9)0.50.450.55
P11 Death from critical state (S8 to S9)0.880.8680.892
P12 Recovery from asymptomatic, mild and moderate state1.001.001.00