Table 3

Projection of infections accounting for Africa-specific factors

Embedded Image Comorbidity
% of the survival rate of healthy patients
Ghana50%0.2 million4.4 million3.3 million810.3 million4.8 million3.9 million81
75%0.2 million4.8 million3.9 million960.3 million4.4 million3.3 million96
Kenya50%0.4 million8.2 million5.3 million1670.4 million5.5 million4.2 million168
75%0.3 million5.6 million4.2 million1300.6 million8 million5.3 million131
Senegal50%0.1 million2.2 million1.6 million870.1 million2.3 million1.9 million87
75%0.1 million2.4 million1.9 million1050.1 million2.1 million1.6 million105
  • The peaks of each infection subcompartment might not align.

  • *Days of total infection peak, since the first case tested positive. March 2 for Senegal, March 13 for Ghana and March 14 for Kenya.