Table 2

Projections of active cases at the peak of the epidemic for each infected compartment

Days since first caseActive cases at peak
Severe symptomsMild symptomsNo symptoms
GhanaLow policy effectiveness790.4 million9.1 million7.7 million
Baseline1140.3 million6.7 million4.9 million
High policy effectiveness2500.1 million2.7 million1.6 million
KenyaLow policy effectiveness790.6 million15.4 million13.1 million
Baseline1160.5 million11.7 million8.3 million
High policy effectiveness2520.2 million4.6 million2.7 million
SenegalLow policy effectiveness900.2 million4.8 million3.9 million
Baseline1280.1 million3.5 million2.5 million
High policy effectiveness2540.1 million1.5 million1.0 million
  • The peaks of each infection subcompartment might not align.