Table 4

Estimates of willingness to pay for facility attributes from mixed logit models, Addis Ababa and SNNPR of Ethiopia 2018/2019

AttributeUrban areasRural areas
WTP*95% CIWTP*95% CI
Waiting time (hours)−12.93−17.35 to −8.51−6.31−9.55 to −3.06
Distance (hours)−57.79−66.47 to −49.11−28.37−33.05 to −23.69
Number of visits
 Multiple visitsRefRef
 Single visit72.6158.05 to 87.1731.4422.05 to 40.82
Opening hours
 Regular hoursRefRef
 Extended hours20.335.54 to 35.132.69−8.52 to 13.90
 Weekend hours55.1538.60 to 71.7027.0214.51 to 39.54
 Both parentsRefRef
 Only one parent42.4325.47 to 59.398.66−1.12 to 18.45
  • *The coefficients are expressed in birr (1 birr=US$0.035 as of 1 January 2019). A positive coefficient represents the amount that respondents are willing to contribute to access a facility with a given level of an attribute. Negative coefficients indicate that respondents should be compensated in order to offset the disutility due to a specific level of an attribute.

  • SNNPR, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region; WTP, willingness to pay.