Table 1

Attributes and levels of registration facilities used in the discrete choice experiment, Addis Ababa and SNNPR of Ethiopia 2018/2019

Cost of birth certificateFree (0 birr)
100 birr
250 birr
Time to wait for service at registration facility1 hour
3 hours
5 hours
Distance to registration facility30 min walk
2-hour walk
4-hour walk
Number of visits required to register birthSingle visit
Multiple visits
Opening hours of the registration facilityRegular hours
(weekdays, 08:30–17:00)
Extended hours
(weekdays, 08:30–19:00)
Weekend hours
(weekdays, 08:30–17:00+Saturdays, 08:30–12:00)
Application proceduresOnly one parent present
Both parents present
  • SNNPR, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region.