Table 2

Examples of practical health information relevant to target areas in the UN monitoring framework for universal health coverage (UHC)

Target area for UHC (SDG 3.8.1)Examples of practical information for empowering the public and frontline health workers to progress this target area
Mother and child health
Family planning
  • Timing births

  • Family planning methods

Pregnancy and delivery of care
  • Staying healthy during pregnancy

  • Danger signs during pregnancy and during birth

  • How to carry out basic tests and treatments

  • Care during pregnancy

  • Breast feeding

  • Managing labour and delivery

Child immunisation
  • Immunising your child in the first year of life

Child treatment
  • Using oral rehydration solution

Infectious disease
Tuberculosis treatment
  • Tuberculosis prevention

HIV treatment
  • Prevention and treatment of HIV

Malaria prevention
  • Environmental control

  • Use of insecticides and treated nets

  • Malaria prevention

Water and sanitation
  • Water filtration

  • Cholera prevention

  • Effective handwashing

  • Hygiene and sanitation in schools and workplaces

Non-communicable diseases
Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Dangers of smoking

Management of diabetes
  • How to handle a diabetic emergency

Cancer detection and treatment
  • Risk factors for cancers

  • Problems in diagnosing cancers

  • Treatment and care of common cancers

Tobacco control
  • Smoking cessation

  • SDG, sustainable development goal.