Table 2

Description of the documents in the scoping study

StudyYearGeographical area*Field†Method‡Objective
Ehrmann and Lesnick621986N/AN/AN/ADescribe the main aspects and best practice on PD in policy development.
Lavis et al202010N/AHealthN/APropose questions to guide the organisation and implementation of health policy dialogue.
Nabyonga-Orem et al122016AFROHealthN/ATake stock of the health policy dialogue in low-income African countries.
Ade et al422016AFROHealthQUALReview the coordination of PD in the context of Ebola virus disease in Guinea, as perceived by the participants.
Boyko et al332016HICHealthMIXEDExplore the characteristics and outcomes of a deliberative public health policy dialogue on family violence in Canada.
Damani et al342016HICHealthMIXEDReview the contribution of PD to the development of an evidence-based policy on access to care in Canada.
Dovlo et al432016AFROHealthQUALExplore PD in the development of three policies in Cape Verde, Mali and Chad.
Jagger et al442014LMICEnvironmentQUALUnderstand how environmental protection policy dialogue at different levels (international, national, local) influences the development of national policies.
Kwamie and Nabyonga-Orem392016AFROHealthQUALUnderstand how health policy dialogue can contribute to aligning stakeholders in Guinea and Chad.
Lavis et al352014HICHealthQUANTEvaluate three health policy dialogues in Canada.
Mwisongo et al462016AFROHealthQUALUnderstand the power issues underlying PD in Chad, Cape Verde, Guinea, Liberia and Togo.
Nabyonga-Orem et al612016AFROHealthQUALExamine what PD means for stakeholders in Cape Verde, Chad, Guinea, Togo and Liberia.
Nabyonga-Orem et al452016AFROHealthQUALUnderstand how context influences health policy dialogue, including stakeholder participation in Liberia.
Scholten and Verbeek402015EUROMigrationQUALUnderstand how the politicisation of the issue of migration may influence the institutionalisation of related PD.
Uneke et al362015AFROHealthQUANTEvaluate PD for infectious disease control in Nigeria.
Babu and Ergeneman382005ASIAAgricultureN/ADocument the interaction between knowledge producers and decision-makers as part of agricultural policy dialogue in India.
Bangura811997N/ADevelopment aidN/ADiscuss PD and its implications with respect to gender equity and participation.
Baumann and White412014EUROTransportN/AUnderstand how and under what conditions a transport policy dialogue in Munich enabled stakeholders to overcome their disagreements.
Biswas722004INTWaterN/ADiscuss the progress of international discussions on water and how it has been influenced by the format of PD.
Daniel531985LMICDevelopment aidN/AIdentify the relevance of PD to development aid and the conditions for it to succeed.
Dhunpath and Paterson472004LMICCommunicationN/ADiscuss the participation of researchers in PD on information and communication technology in Botswana, Namibia and Seychelles.
Drechsel et al372013AFROAgricultureN/ADescribe the process of irrigation policy dialogue in Ghana and capacity-building efforts for participation in this PD.
Goldsmith602016ASIAAgriculture/Development aidN/ADescribe the agricultural policy dialogue in India and identify lessons learnt for development aid.
Molenaers512012LMICDevelopment aidN/ADiscuss PD as a platform for negotiating budget support.
Susskind and Hoben482004HICCityN/ADiscuss the obstacles and possible solutions for municipal PD.
White501990AFRODevelopment aidN/AHighlight the limitations of technocratic approach to PD in development aid.
AusAID542011N/ADevelopment aidN/APropose a theory of policy dialogue success.
Brown et al562012ASIASocial protection/Development aidQUALIdentify the factors behind the successful PD on social protection in Indonesia.
Brown et al552012ASIADevelopment aidQUALIdentify the factors behind the successful PD framework for cooperation on financial and economic reform in the Solomon Islands.
Canadian International Development Agency572002N/ADevelopment aidN/AIdentify lessons learnt on PD from the Canadian development aid agency.
Crouch491993N/ADevelopment aidN/AIdentify lessons learnt on PD to initiate a dialogue and drive forward reforms.
Jacob and Alvarado582011N/ADevelopment aidN/AAssist development agencies in their support for PD on education.
Jones592011N/ADevelopment aidN/AFacilitate development agency engagement in PD.
McCullough et al282011N/ADevelopment aidN/ASuggest key elements to evaluate PD between donors and recipient countries.
The SURE Collaboration272011N/AN/AN/APropose guidelines to organise deliberative PD.
Visser and Adey322007N/AEnvironmentN/AExplain the relevance of PD launched by entrepreneurs to tackle climate challenges.

  • †N/A.


  • AFRO, country(ies) located in the African continent; ASIA, country(ies) located in the Asian continent; EURO, country(ies) located in the European continent; HIC, high-income country(ies); INT, multiple countries in different continents and with different incomes; LMIC, low-income and middle-income country(ies); MIXED, mixed study; N/A, not applicable; QUAL, qualitative study; QUANT, quantitative study.