Table 1

Higher education curriculum and professional trajectory of former directors of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and National Agency of Supplementary Health (ANS), from 1999 to 2018. Brazil, 2019

CharacteristicsPublic-public (n=20)Public-private (n=11)Private-private (n=5)
Graduated in health sciences1785436480
Degree in public health735218
Public career officer1575327
Hold position based on trust, but not a public career officer420982
Previously worked for the public health system (SUS)16805a45
Previously worked at public government agency outside health system210873
Previously worked in the private health sector1b85100
Nominated by right-wing (PSDB) party525327
Nominated by left-wing (PT) party15758735100
  • (A) One former director has worked in a public health agency and another non-health public agency; (B) one former director has worked in the private sector and in a trusted public position outside of health system; (C) Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and (D) Workers Party (PT) are antagonistic political parties from the elected presidents during the study period.

  • ANS, National Agency of Supplementary Health; ANVISA, National Health Surveillance Agency; SUS, Unified Health System.