Table 2

The three delays experienced in deaths from time-critical conditions, as assessed using circumstances of mortality (CoM) indicators

DelayCoM indicatorNumber of deceased experiencing delay*
First delay—seeking careDoubts about need for care39 (9.90%)
Use of telephone36 (9.14%)
Use of traditional medicine84 (21.32%)
Perceived prohibitive costs269 (68.27%)
Second delay—reaching careTravel to health facility36 (9.14%)
Use of motorised transport36 (9.14%)
Distance (more than 2 hours to facility)0 (0.00%)
Third delay—receiving quality careProblems with admission27 (6.85%)
Problems with treatment26 (6.60%)
Problems with medicine27 (6.85%)
Discharged while ill67 (17.01%)
  • *Percentage does not total 100% as delays can be experienced by the same deceased person in more than one category. (The denominator is the % of deceased who responded stating any delay using CoM indicators (n=394).) The total number of delays captured for all deceased was n=647.