Table 4

Effect estimates for primary and secondary outcomes at endline 1 (exploratory analysis with attendance data)

Prevalence of any STI
 ES vs control−0.210.380.570.810.381.70
 HIV vs control0.090.390.821.090.512.36
 ES+HIV vs control−0.190.530.720.830.292.33
Engaging in protective sexual behaviour in past 6 months
 ES vs control−
 HIV vs control−
 ES+HIV vs control−0.350.370.350.710.341.47
Engaging in transactional sex in past 6 months
 ES vs control−0.340.320.300.720.381.35
 HIV vs control0.210.310.491.240.682.26
 ES+HIV vs control0.330.400.411.390.643.04
Having two or more sexual partners in past 6 months
 ES vs control−0.060.300.840.940.521.71
 HIV vs control0.220.290.451.250.702.21
 ES+HIV vs control−0.190.440.670.830.351.96
HIV knowledge
 ES vs control−−0.140.10
 HIV vs control0.100.070.16−0.040.23
 ES+HIV vs control0.170.090.06−0.010.35
Financial literacy
 ES vs control0.040.060.51−0.080.15
 HIV vs control0.030.060.65−0.090.15
ES+HIV vs control0.
 ES+HIV vs ES0.140.090.10−0.030.31
 ES+HIV vs HIV0.150.090.09−0.020.32
Participation in a savings group
ES vs control0.900.22<0.012.461.583.82
 HIV vs control0.240.230.311.270.802.00
ES+HIV vs control1.090.29<0.012.971.675.29
 ES+HIV vs ES0.190.320.551.210.652.25
ES+HIV vs HIV0.850.330.012.341.234.46
Opened a savings account in past year
 ES vs control0.220.250.391.240.762.05
 HIV vs control0.240.260.351.280.772.13
 ES+HIV vs control0.480.340.161.620.833.14
Net change in savings in past year
 ES vs control53.4366.210.42−76.46183.32
 HIV vs control−57.1664.000.37−182.7168.39
 ES+HIV vs control95.3492.130.30−85.41276.09
Saving for education
ES vs control1.200.24<0.013.312.065.30
 HIV vs control0.
ES+HIV vs control1.190.32<0.013.301.766.18
 ES+HIV vs ES0.000.330.991.000.521.92
ES+HIV vs HIV0.920.350.012.501.255.00
Caregiver being primary provider of money to youth for savings
ES vs control0.450.180.021.561.092.24
 HIV vs control0.100.190.601.100.761.59
 ES+HIV vs control0.260.250.311.300.792.14
Participation in household budgeting
 ES vs control0.070.200.711.070.731.57
 HIV vs control−
 ES+HIV vs control0.160.270.571.170.691.99
  • The bold text highlights results that reached significance at the 5% level for two-sided comparisons.

  • *Effects are estimated for differences at endline 1 controlling for baseline STI and using data from both time points in a repeated measures generalised linear mixed model.

  • ES, economic strengthening; STI, sexually transmitted infection.