Table 1

Paper-based forms in use for collecting newborn related data; partly usable as legend for figures 2–4

Notification formsB1—Birth notification
D1—Death notification
Health record bookletMoH 216—Mother and Child Booklet—remains with mother and/or child
Index cardMoH 268—Inpatient Diagnostic Disease Index—rarely in use
Registers*MoH 301—Inpatient Register—general inpatient register, improvised for use in NBU
MoH 333—Maternity Register
MoH 373—Inpatient Neonatal Register—pilot
MoH 406—Post Natal Care Register
MoH 510—Immunisation Permanent Register
MoH 511—Child Welfare Clinic Register
Tally sheetsMoH 702—Immunisation Tally Sheet
MoH 704—Child Health and Nutrition Information System (CHANIS) Tally Sheet for Child Health Welfare Clinics
Summary formsMoH 373—Inpatient Neonatal Summary Form—pilot
MoH 504—Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR)—monthly report
MoH 505—Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR)—weekly report
MoH 710—Immunisation Services Uptake Summary
MoH 711 A and B—Integrated Reproductive and Child Health Summary
MoH 717—Monthly Workload Report for Health Facilities
MoH 718—Inpatient Morbidity and Mortality Summary
Other hospital formsFacility/ward internal transfer form
Daily bed return (DBR) form
Improvised forms or recordsNewborn Unit (NBU) Admissions Record
NBU Discharge/Exit Form
Mortality and Cause of Death Register
Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Register—sometimes provided by NGOs
Abandoned Babies Register
  • *All registers contain individual data, but none of this individual data is entered into DHIS2 at present except as summary (aggregate), see figures 3 and 4.