Table 2

Input sources

Baseline mortality ratesGlobal Burden of Disease1
PopulationUnited Nations World Population Prospects48
Income groupsWorld Bank36
Tax rates
Smoking prevalence and trendsWHO18
Smoking death ratesGlobal Burden of Disease1
Cigarette consumptionEuromonitor20; Ng et al49
PricesWHO50; Euromonitor20; OECD51
Tax rates
Drinking prevalence and trendsWHO Global Health Observatory50
Grams of pure alcohol consumption
Alcohol death ratesGlobal Burden of Disease1
Sugar-sweetened beverages
PricesBlecher et al52; Euromonitor20
ConsumptionSingh et al53
Overweight and obese prevalenceGlobal Burden of Disease54
HeightNCD Risk Factor Collaboration55
Calorie consumption trendsFood and Agriculture Organization32
  • NCD, non-communicable disease; OECD, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.